June 2021 Newsletter


Cryptocurrency under the microscope this tax time The ATO is concerned that many taxpayers believe their cryptocurrency gains are tax-free, or only taxable when the holdings are cashed back into Australian dollars. ATO data analysis shows a dramatic increase in trading since the beginning of 2020, and has estimated that there are over 600,000 taxpayers [...]

June 2021 Newsletter2021-06-11T10:27:28+10:00

May 2021 Newsletter


Government proposal to modernise business communications The Government has committed to modernising certain laws so that they are 'technology neutral', to enable easier communication between businesses, individuals and regulators. The first phase of legislative reform will focus on key areas raised by stakeholders which are implementation-ready (ideally by the end of 2021), including: expanding the [...]

May 2021 Newsletter2021-05-20T10:11:49+10:00

April 2021 Newsletter


JobKeeper comes to an end The ATO has advised that the final JobKeeper payment will be processed in April 2021. Enrolled businesses do not have to do anything when the program closes, although they will need to complete their final March monthly business declaration by 14 April 2021. Also, once a business is no longer [...]

April 2021 Newsletter2021-04-08T15:13:31+10:00

March 2021 Newsletter


Changes to STP reporting concessions from 1 July 2021 Small employers (19 or fewer employees) are currently exempt from reporting ‘closely held’ payees through Single Touch Payroll ('STP'). Also, a quarterly STP reporting option applies to micro employers (four or fewer employees). These concessions will end on 30 June 2021. The STP reporting changes that [...]

March 2021 Newsletter2021-03-11T14:30:16+11:00

January/February 2021 Newsletter


New measures applying from 1 January 2021 The Government has provided an update of a number of new measures which came into effect from 1 January 2021, including (among others): The most significant changes to Australia’s insolvency framework in 30 years, which are intended to reduce costs, cut red tape and help more small businesses [...]

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November 2020 Newsletter


Tax cuts pass Parliament The Government announced various tax measures in the 2020 Budget on 6 October 2020, and it was able to secure passage of legislation containing some of the important measures very shortly afterwards, as summarised below. Tax relief for individuals The Government brought forward 'Stage two' of their Personal Income Tax Plan [...]

November 2020 Newsletter2021-02-16T11:24:56+11:00

October 2020 Newsletter


Special COVID-19 Superannuation Condition of Release Extended Regulations that extend the time frame of the special condition of release to access $10,000 from superannuation for individuals experiencing financial difficulties due to COVID-19 have been formally registered. The ability to withdraw up to $10,000 from superannuation (if certain conditions are met) was initially set to expire [...]

October 2020 Newsletter2021-02-16T11:20:42+11:00

September 2020 Newsletter


Superannuation guarantee rate increase update Recently, arguments both for and against increasing the rate of compulsory superannuation guarantee ('SG') have continued to be tossed around! The SG is the compulsory amount of superannuation an employer must pay into an eligible employee’s chosen super fund. The rate of SG has been frozen at 9.5% of an [...]

September 2020 Newsletter2021-02-16T11:15:10+11:00

August 2020 Newsletter


Extension of the JobKeeper Payment Sadly, many Australian businesses are a long way from trending back to 'normal' as we approach 27 September 2020, the original date that JobKeeper was set to end. Thankfully the government has announced an extension of the JobKeeper Payment, with additional turnover qualifications. The JobKeeper Payment, which was originally due [...]

August 2020 Newsletter2021-02-16T11:08:26+11:00

May 2020 Newsletter


Coronavirus: Government’s JobKeeper Payment A major part of the Government’s response to the Coronavirus (or 'COVID-19') pandemic is the ‘JobKeeper Payment’ Scheme. The JobKeeper Payment is a wage subsidy that will be paid through the tax system (i.e., it will be administered by the ATO) to eligible businesses impacted by COVID-19. Under the scheme, eligible [...]

May 2020 Newsletter2021-02-16T10:59:15+11:00
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